Research clearly supports the reality that leadership has the second greatest impact on learning in schools after the classroom teacher. We believe it is critical then to offer leadership programs that intentionally and skilfully develop leaders’ capacity to focus on and influence the learning of every student in their sphere of influence. The development of leadership offered to our school learning partners is also available to individual leaders through the following programs. 

All our programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any school or network.

Aspiring Middle Leaders 
Middle Leadership: Making a Difference
Advanced Leadership: Leading Learning
Women in Educational Leadership
International (Tailored)
Coaching (On Demand)


Amanda Pekin
Middle School Assistant Principal
International School Manila

As a full-time educator, I found the leadership program was well organised, with tech support as needed, and a wealth of online global resources including protocols and research articles all centred around leadership and learning. The focus allowed me to analyse my own default style of leadership as well as identify clear areas for growth - all in the context of supportive, knowledgeable facilitators and a cohort of fellow educators. 

As a result of this leadership program, I was able to make immediate changes to my own behaviours and make plans for ongoing growth. I increased in both competence and confidence as a leader of learning. The focus throughout the course was clearly on students as learners and the responsibility leaders have to ensure every child has a caring competent teacher in the classroom. I have already recommended the this program to several teachers interested in leadership. 





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